Guiding questions

  • What (negative and positive) impacts of digitalisation and the use of digital data are agriculture, the environment and socio-economic systems affected by?
  • How does the participation of all companies involved along the food chain (starting with small and medium-sized farms, transport, processing stages, trade and finally consumers) in the value chain change?
  • What are the consequences of different realities of data sovereignty on farm sovereignty and value creation?
  • How must frameworks be set to increase the benefits for society and the environment and minimise the risks?


Jana Zscheischler (ZALF), Gert Berger (ZALF), Reiner Brunsch (Leibniz-ATB), Hermann Buitkamp (VDMA), Walter Haefeker (DBIB), Hans-Werner Griepentrog (DLG und Uni Hohenheim), Christine Tölle-Nolting (NABU), Christian Reichel (Leibniz IRS), Roland W. Scholz (DUK)

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