Transdisciplinary consultation

Step 4: Discursive consultation on the SoROs of the White Book chapters

A discursive consultation of the Socially Robust Orientations (SoROs) on two of the five subsystems/vulnerability spaces (health, SMEs) was carried out through a so-called transdisciplinary consultation (TD-VL) or discussion. The aim of the TD-VL was to obtain feedback from representatives of all relevant stakeholder groups as to whether

  • the main statements and justifications are factually correct and sufficiently substantiated,
  • essential aspects of the emergence (causes) or the handling of the SoROs are missing,
  • the interests and values of the stakeholder groups are expressed in a balanced way in the message of the chapter.

The TD-VL is an innovative procedure in Td processes. Its roots are grounded in Swiss grassroots democracy. The work was carried out together with Konova. Participation was also open to interested parties who had not been explicitly invited.

Participation in the DiDaT public consultation (formerly transdisciplinary consultation) - An innovation in transdisciplinarity research

An important question was to find out whether the working groups on the vulnerability spaces of mobility, health, agriculture, the future of SMEs and social media had adequately considered the knowledge and interests of the stakeholders in these areas. This had to be ascertained in more detail, since "only" six scientists and six "practitioners" were involved in each of the groups. Against this background - with reference to a proven Swiss procedure of discursive consultation - the concept of a discussion modelled on a Transdisciplinary Consultation (TD-VL) was introduced.

The participants of the TD-VL took part directly in the transdisciplinary process insofar as their feedback on the White Book chapter for one vulnerability space each was discussed. Those interested in participating were able to provide feedback on the topic area VR 03 SMEs and VR 02 Health.

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